Cheyenne Soft Edge Magnum Cartridges

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Soft edge magnum, quickly interchangeable disposable tattoo cartridge, very precise. Made in Germany. 10Pcs in a box.

15 Soft edge magnums now available in boxes of 20 cartridges.

Changing tattoo needles has never been easier, faster, safer and more hygienic. The needles run protected in a plastic housing, virtually eliminating accidental damage or injury.


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Product Description

With the Safety Cartridges, Cheyenne demonstrates its innovation leadership once again. The patented safety membrane prevents blood and tattoo ink from getting into the grip. A 100% inspection by experienced experts in accordance with medical standards* guarantees the highest quality. A choice of 56 needle configurations allows you to fully develop your artistic freedom and changing tattoo needles takes just a few seconds. The Safety Cartridges are a milestone in working safety, simplicity and hygiene – an invention by Cheyenne!


  • Patented safety membrane prevents blood from entering the grip and the associated cross-contamination.
  • Change needle configurations in a matter of seconds
  • 100% control of the needle modules
  • 56 different needle configurations for maximal artistic freedom
  • *Manufactured according to medical standard (ISO 13485)
  • Made in Germany
  • The tightness of the safety membrane in our cartridges complies with the requirements of the European standard EN 17169 Tattooing – Safe and hygienic practice.

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7MC, 9MC, 13MC, 15MC20PCS, 17MC, 23MC, 27MC, 7MC20PCS, 9MC20PCS, 13MC20PCS, 17MC20PCS, 23MC20PCS, 27MC20PCS


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